Rapide Reverse Camera Kit

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Aston Martin Rapide


Selling Genuine Aston Martin Reverse Camera Kit. For the first time, this kit allows customers to retrofit the original factory-option reverse

camera to their vehicle if it was not specified at the time of build. The kit has been designed to ensure it meets full Aston Martin factory standards, while keeping the installation instructions straightforward to integrate with the existing electronic architecture. When Reverse gear is selected, a clear, wide-angle image is displayed on the navigation screen. The screen reverts to normal navigation mode as soon as the driver selects Park, Neutral or Drive.

The camera is angled and calibrated to show a complete view from horizon down to ground level, allowing the driver to perfectly judge their parking maneuver. A special zero-lux camera has been specified to provide excellent visibility even in very low light conditions. In addition, the ‘fish-eye’ lens gives a 170 degree horizontal viewing angle, allowing the camera to display objects and moving vehicles normally restricted from view. This is particularly useful when reversing out on to busy streets. Lastly, the lens has an anti-static and anti-fog coating to provide the clear visibility. 


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Aston Martin OEM

Part No. DG33-37-10701

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